I don't care what list I'm on
I want to be naughty with nice,
So Santa you can skip my house
With this one word of advice.

Old patriarchal I don't need a sparkle
Or any gadgets for my part,
All I want for Christmas ...Santa
Is that girl who touched my heart.

A potpourri of sweet melody
Brings the scent of mystery in the air,
Oh that perfume as she walks in the room
Catching me all unaware.

The magic, the squall, I want it all
Just listen as I tell ya St. Kris,
I want to chase..my sweetie in lace
Merry Christmas..give the missus a kiss.

But leave me alone for I have known
Many holidays when I was adrift,
Her in a bow would set me aglow
This Christmas with her as my gift.

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