Wind can I hitch a ride
Fences and walls are killing me,
A little gust under my wings
And my soul can ride free.

I want to feel the mountain air
As the mist embraces their tops,
Enjoy the feeling of freedom
And pull out all the stops.

The smokey mountains are beautiful
And it's there I want to go,
There's streams and valley's in her heart
You can't describe, you have to show.

I know I'll always be alone
It's my heart, my me, my mine,
But passion is not about sex
It's appreciation with what you find.

It's that a mountain skyline
Can really disappear in a lake,
It's the stillness of the forest
As your heart is there to take.

So take me to the Smokey's
It's there I want to start,
For Tennessee there is an ache
And she'll always be in my heart.

I'll be alone with her
And share all of her granduer,
She can lift my spirits
My loneliness I can endure.

There's something about her rivers
With trees hanging over their bank,
That calms my restless spirit
Like heady wine I have drank.

And if I'm alone right there
Floating along at her pace,
My dreams will gather around me
Like a tailor will do with lace.

I can sit there in my boat
And dream of anything,
I can fill my lungs with air
And sing what I want to sing.

And the pleasures I have to share
I will only share with me,
And of course, just one more
The land where I feel free.

So Tennessee, hold your horses
Someday I'm going to come through,
Floating down the Stone's River
Sharing my love for you.

Words by Russc



Eva Cassidy

"Tennessee Waltz"

Dolly Parton

"My Tennessee Mountain Home" 

Kenny Chesney

"Touchdown Tennessee"