This world..last, the present the past
Our lives all come full scope,
When scary brought calm,our wars all along
With friends we each would cope

At what a cost those good we lost
Sometimes words and worlds apart,
We watched them die the truth brought lies
With each.. in each others heart.

And so it seems we trust our dreams
That one day's a step.. not the end,
Love and strife don't end with life
And we'll all be together once again.

Destruction,deduction,it's plainly seduction
For each one who holds my heart dear,
For if this is true, my friends, my you
How sweet that you'll always be near.

When this world's gone, it won't be long
My heart holds the place that you've marked,
When death takes it's toll,one day you'll show
And I'll be the light in the dark.



~~~ Eddie Vedder ~~~


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